Monday, November 06, 2006

Nature Photos :: White Mountains

Photo size : 1024x768


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Rodrigo Blogger said...

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Rodrigo Blogger said...

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gangstaways_62 said...

hello, i'd like to know if i might use a small potion (a strip about 100 px high) of this picture for part of a banner for a website that sells scarves. im looking for the perfect bit off trees and snow to add a wintry feel and this will really do the trick

it will be very much appreciated and i will be more than happy to give credit in whatever form u like at the bottom of the site (please not the site will not be ready and online for some time)

please let me know at this address and if u do allow me, please say how u would like credit given (ie photo courtesy of bob at or whatever)

also please remove this comment ty

Tuga7 said...

Like this winter picture!

lord said...


lord said...